Infusionsoft Review: My Honest Opinion

Hi, Michael here.

Infusionsoft ReviewThanks for visiting my site, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of Infusionsoft’s Marketing Automation Suite which is the core product offered by Infusionsoft company, a leader in marketing automation for small businesses.

First off, I just want to clarify I will be giving you complete, unbiased and honest review of Infusionsoft. I am going to give you all the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before buying the product for yourself – read this entire review before you purchase.

This is a review post: Click here to visit the Infusionsoft official website

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Suite
Infusionsoft is a complete marketing automation suite, a combination of fully integrated systems, that gives small businesses the ability to capture more leads, manage and convert the leads into customers, and develop long term, profitable relationships with them. At first glance it appears to be a customer relationship management (CRM) system with email marketing capabilities plus ecommerce capabilities. Infusionsoft does include all of those parts, but that is just the core components; how the pieces work together is where the company has stitched in all the automation functions.

When I first started using Infusionsoft several years ago, I was intrigued by the fact that everything was in one place. It’s a different way of thinking – kind of reminds me of moving from a PC to a Mac – it requires a shift to a holistic mindset. It was no longer necessary to log into a separate contact manager then into another autoresponder program, etc. A different way to think about marketing systems.

Nuts and Bolts
Infusionsoft contains multiple capabilities in the overall system. Most are included in the main system, but some like the affiliate module are still add-ons that you can purchase when you need it. They offer different levels and pricing, from entry level all the way up to a level that includes 500,000 contacts and 20 user accounts. I guess if your company has half a million customers and live prospects in your contact list, you probably need 20 accounts for sales and support staff.

Infusionsoft caters to small businesses so the entry level is much more modest, and suited for the entrepreneur at the beginning of the growth curve. It includes what a business owner needs but doesn’t force a lot of features that wouldn’t be used at the entry level.

Here are the main parts, or areas of system expertise:
* Customer Relationship Management
* Opt-in emails
* Email marketing 2.0
* Multi-media marketing
* Marketing automation
* Sales pipeline management
* Orders and invoices
* Shopping cart
* Affiliate management
* Pre-loaded content and templates
* Customer support
* Marketing automation plans
* Training and expertise services

Click here to visit the Infusionsoft official website

Customer Technical Support
For a product like Infusionsoft, technical support after the sale is of critical importance to business owners, so I wanted to make a couple of comments on this topic.
Even the lowest level package comes with access to full customer support and training videos. It’s not like some other companies that only give full support to the top customers or the platinum level products; owner. Every time I have used customer service, they have been professional, knowledgeable, and effective. I give the company high marks for their technical support. When I call with a technical problem, I get a US based professional live on the phone who can log right into my account and solve the problem with me.

Contact Management and Sales Pipeline

This isn’t a CRM review, but we’ve got to talk about the customer relationship management capabilities at the heart of the Infusionsoft system. The CRM database is the key to connecting everything together.

It acts as a full featured contact manager, storing all the data and details for contacts, customers, prospects, and companies. There are full search capabilities based on standard fields and custom fields. If you have a specific characteristic for your customers, you can use it to identify them; they are called tags in the Infusionsoft system.

The other side of the CRM is the sales pipeline piece. It allows for scheduling meetings, calls, follow-ups, and any other action item in the sales process. By using tasks, opportunities, and assignments it’s possible to not only track, but map out and manage your sales pipeline. The assignment aspect is for delegating or assigning a task to different users.

Infusionsoft calls it mastering the moment – being in front of your customer at the exact moment they are ready to buy. The CRM and sales pipeline smart systems help ensure that there are no orphaned leads and no forgotten customers.

Marketing and Automation
Marketing and automation are not separate components of the system, but rather the strategy and the behind the scenes stuff. The marketing is your marketing plan, or you can look over their shoulder and use one of theirs. The main point is that the system is capable of handling nearly every aspect of your marketing plan.

Multi-media Marketing:
* email broadcasts and campaigns (obviously)
* letter broadcasting
* voice broadcasting
* SMS text
* tweets

Infusionsoft designed it to meet the needs of the small business owner using online and offline methods, and there are a lot of choices inside the system itself; I even found a few I didn’t remember as I was scrolling through my account before writing this Infusionsoft review! You don’t have to use all these different methods, but if you already do, it may be possible to consolidate that function into fewer systems.

The automation aspect works in the background, of course, but includes a longer list of options than I have seen in other systems.

* API interface
* Follow up sequences
* Tasks and notes
* Smart Rules
* Marketing action triggers

The API is robust and is for interfacing with other computer systems; required for getting the financial end of the business working right.
Follow up sequences can have as many steps as you want and include much more than just a simple email series. Automating tasks and notes streamlines the sales pipeline process significantly and moves prospects along faster.

Smart rules sound complex, but really are very easy to use and don’t require coding. It’s a matter of building rules around ‘if, then’ scenarios. For example – if the prospect finished email series one and downloaded the ebook, then start email series 2 and assign to sales for follow-up call. You build the rule with a point and click interface with drop-down options.

Infusionsoft smart automation engine

Marketing action triggers are things that automatically happen in response to events that a prospect or customer takes. Infusionsoft calls it Motion Sensor Marketing and it’s all automatic, so once you set the action triggers, the next steps are done automatically.

Now is the time to think about watching a demo video so that you can get a good feel about how these features can be benefits for your specific situation.

Ecommerce and Affiliate Management
At the end of the sales pipeline, we all want a sale. That’s the goal, so having an ecommerce component is how Infusionsoft helps business owners create a seamless customer experience. Since it is integrated with the customer management and communications and marketing pieces, it enables a smooth transition from prospect to customer.

The shopping cart and order forms are easy to use, partly because they are well designed and partly because they are integrated, and you do not have any headaches with bolting on a separate system. I give this aspect high marks too. The last thing a business owner wants is for the cash register to not work when the customer is ready to buy. All transactions are tracked and fully connected with the customer database.

Affiliate management is a full scale affiliate program, complete with a tracking, multi-tier payment capabilities, and a back office site for affiliates. You manage your affiliate program from your main Infusionsoft system, including the signups, login IDs, and creating marketing materials and products they can sell. The affiliates log into their own sites to see the products, commissions, and marketing materials like banners, email templates, etc. The affiliate module is more robust than some companies offer that specialize in affiliate programs.

What’s Bad
I want you to benefit from a complete Infusionsoft review and there are always bad things to report. So what is bad about Infusionsoft?

* complexity
* learning curve
* migration to a new system
* price

Change is hard and a complex system is more difficult to handle than a simple one. Infusionsoft is more complex than an email autoresponder system or your Outlook email system. And just like with any new software, especially CRM software, it will take a while to learn. Add to that what I said in the beginning about needing to think differently; that’s not all bad, but it is a real issue. You won’t be logging into four systems, but you will need to shift over to thinking in slightly different terms.

Migrating to a new system is difficult too, and in this case there are often multiple migrations going on at one time. Moving all your contacts from contact management and/or email systems and all your email templates and opt-in forms from an autoresponder into Infusionsoft takes time. Throw in the products and shopping cart and maybe an affiliate program and you have your work cut out for you.

The price for the Infusionsoft system is a little higher than some other systems that offer a CRM or CRM plus autoresponder, etc. As a business owner, it’s important to make a good assessment of the price, real cost, and value for your specific situation.

What’s Good
On the other hand, some strong benefits came through during my Infusionsoft review. So what is good about Infusionsoft?

* scope
* flexibility
* single system
* system migration support
* room to grow
* facilitates effective marketing
* fully integrated and enhances automation

Click here to visit the Infusionsoft official website

The Infusionsoft Automated Marketing Suite covers so many aspects of small business marketing needs that the scope is clearly a strong suit, especially compared to other products that don’t have the same level of capability.

System flexibility is extremely high which means that every business can customize it to their needs; it is not limited to a specific business model. The fact that it is a single system is a powerful motivator for any business owner interested in efficiency. If Infusionsoft replaces 2 or 3 or 4 legacy systems, there a dollar savings from not having the old systems, but there is also an efficiency gain from needing to learn, maintain, and use just one full featured system too.

Infusionsoft - Conquer the ChaosSystem migration support gets very high marks. Infusionsoft seems to recognize that moving from multiple old systems to their system is a difficult task for businesses – new users don’t have the time or expertise to do it well. They offer strong training and support resources, especially during the transition time, and they have added expertise services on a fee for service basis, so you can have them do it. Infusionsoft has addressed this potential issues in such a way that it is now a strength.

Offering multiple levels, from entry level to ‘big’ small business gives owners room to grown and ensures that they are able to stay with one system for the long haul.

Probably one of the biggest positives from a business owner’s perspective are that the system is designed to facilitate effective marketing practices. It includes all the tools to do the whole job of marketing, customer conversion, and customer retention, and to use industry best practices. Good marketing principles are really built right in.

A fully integrated system that makes it easy to automate workflow, marketing, and sales activities can really enhance both productivity and efficiency for any business. The total cost of Infusionsoft is probably much less than using multiple systems, especially when productivity and efficiency are factored in over time for most businesses.

Infusionsoft Review – What do I think?
Infusionsoft is a stable company that has been in business a long time and is considered a leader in the industry. They focus on helping small business owners accelerate business growth with an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for lead generation, CRM, lead nurturing, order processing, and customer fulfillment.

In my opinion, this is the best system on the market for small business owners. I have not seen another product that offers a complete solution with the capabilities or effectiveness of Infusionsoft. I definitely believe you should try it for your business.

I hope this Infusionsoft review has helped you,

Click here to visit the Infusionsoft official website


  1. says

    After reading your report decided to check infusionsoft out and must say it is an amazing tool. But all your pros and cons are right. Thanks for your pioneer check. Will use it in the future. Regards, D.G.

  2. Brendan says

    Anyone who says Infusionsoft is difficult to set up may have a point. It actually takes planning, vision, and hard work to get it up and running in way that will actually help your business. If you saw that Infusionsoft is automated, remember, that doesn’t mean it is going to do your job for you. Stop being lazy and do some real work for a change!

    Chet Holmes made a great point in his book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” when he said that he gives everyone who reads the book all the tools to become successful, but it’s up to the reader to put those tools into action and MAKE themselves successful.

    Great software as a service for those willing to put in some time.

  3. says


    I have a few questions.

    #1 – Infusionsoft seems to rely so heavily on email marketing, you say they also have SMS marketing, in your experience how has that worked and is there an ongoing cost per outbound text (like other texting services)?

    #2 – Does Infusionsoft integrate in any way to social media programs out there such as Twitter and Face Book? We are just stepping into those and use Hootsuite as a simple way to make everything easier (which works well) but if Infusionsoft was able to replace it, we could be able to cut that monthly cost, which would help with the cost of Infusionsoft.

    #3 – Does Infusionsoft integrate with the other forms of online marketing, just as Google Adwords, etc? I know that, for instance, is supposed to integrate its systems with Google to allow you to mange it all through your CRM.

    #4 – It sounds like Infusionsoft has amazing reporting and statistics to analyze, does it replace a need for Google Analytics for online marketing results? OR can you integrate Infusionsoft into Google Analytics?

    Thanks for the great incite!

    • says

      Great questions. Some of them are answered better in the Infusionsoft free demo:

      Here are some short answers:
      Infusionsoft tends to include everything in their pricing packages rather than nickel and dime you with add-ons later. Pick the right level to grow your business and get started. Pricing and offerings can change, so check directly with Infusionsoft to get the latest info.

      They have been incorporating new features and integrating with marketing methods like social media, etc. – the whole point of Infusionsoft is to have a Smart Marketing Engine, so your main marketing activities are managed in one place. Look for that trend to continue.

      Depending on your online marketing footprint and what you are trying to accomplish, Infusionsoft may be able to meet your stats/analysis needs. Its designed to give meaningful stats for making sales, marketing, and business decisions – and it does that extremely well.

      First, try an Infusionsoft Demo, then talk to them directly about your specific situation. No cost and no obiligation, but I guarantee you’ll learn a lot!

      Good Luck,

  4. Dan Borchardt says

    Infusionsoft is the real deal. I initially was using salesforce and then switched over. The customer service has been incredible! I had the opportunity to do an onsite training which was also very valuable! I highly recommend Infusionsoft

  5. Albert says

    How you call that a honest opinion?
    I didn’t saw any cons …
    Also you are using link with affiliates ID to redirect traffic to infusionsoft. It’s clear you are getting a retribution of each new client you are sending to them.
    Let me clarify my position. I don’t have any problem with affiliate marketing but I just think you need to be honest with your visitors.

    • says

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – I appreciate your input. Here’s a quick reply to address your concerns.

      Honest opinion? Easy, I wrote exactly what I believe.

      You didn’t see any ‘cons’ – read it again. Look for the section called ‘what’s bad’, it’s right before the section called ‘what’s good’. I always recommend products and companies that I think are good, so there are always more pros than cons … in my opinion.

      Affiliate Marketing – ‘retribution probably isn’t the right word, but I’ll answer what I think you meant. I promote affiliate marketing and use affiliate links, and I recommend that practice to my own clients and business owners. I say so in my affiliate policy and on my Marketing Tools page.

      I didn’t make any changes to this post, but this was a timely comment … and I did make a few changes to the site as a result. Thanks for your input.

      By the way, did you check out the free ‘Internet Marketing Guide’ from Infusionsoft?
      (of course, that link is an affiliate link … but the guide is free, and informative)


  6. john says

    I started with Infusionsoft about 4 months ago. I have to tell you I was very excited to get started. Little did I know what a pain in the butt getting srt up would be. After a month and a half of trying to work with Infusionsft to get set up I had to hire an outside service call Infused Systems. They try to make it seem so simple in their marketing but be aware it is an endless maze. It is a good program but their customer service and lying sales people are infuriating!! Watch out!

    • says

      Yes, start-up is a pain. That’s especially true the more robust the CRM system, and Infusionsoft is full-featured. It’s also true the more customers and customer data your business has.

      I’ve always had good service from customer service and tech support; it’s unfortunate that you didn’t have the same experience. While I am not familiar with Infused Systems, I do know that there are a number of people with the expertise to get Infusionsoft set up and running quickly … it sounds like they got it worked out for you too.

      I’d love to hear how well you like the program now that you’ve been using it for a few months. Let me know.

      Good Luck!

  7. says

    Hi Michael,

    Here’s an offbeat question for you. I’m trying to locate affiliate programs (products and services) using the InfusionSoft system.

    Do you know of a trick to locate people with an affiliate program using InfusionSoft for their marketing?

    Is there, perhaps, a directory even?

    Thanks, John

    • says

      Interesting question. I’ve never tried to find people offering affiliate programs using the Infusionsoft system.
      However, I do notice it when I come across a service provider that does use Infusionsoft.

      Try: Infusionsoft Site
      Fill out the form and once you are on their list, I believe you can access the forum – try asking/searching there.

      Usually it is a good indicator of strength and/or success when a company uses Infusionsoft for their affiliate program. That’s not scientific, but I have noticed that industry and market leaders tend to be the ones I see using Infusionsoft.

      Here are two examples:
      Perry Marshall’s – Definitive Guide to Google Adwords
      Global Resorts Network – we use it for our online marketing courses (restricted to business team members).

      Let me know what you find. That is an interesting question.

  8. Gen Gagnon says

    Thanks for the information on Infusionsoft. Do you know how they compare to bigger companies like Marketo (that are much more expensive but offer integration to Salesforce, which is the CRM we are using)? Thanks,

    • says

      I don’t know Marketo as well as I know Infusionsoft, but I did notice that they are much higher priced than Infusionsoft. One thing that I have found in many comparisons is that Infusionsoft has a more powerful automation piece – their Smart Automation Engine – that really sets them apart from some of the other offers.

      Typically business owners can consolidate the number of systems they are using – CRM, Sales Management, Affiliate, Ecommerce, etc – and move to a single system solution. If that works for you, it’s a savings in several areas of your business.

      I would definitely recommend you get a free Infusionsoft Demo … and ask for a personal call from one of their consultants. I talked to Corey the other day about Marketing Plan Blueprints and got a lot of good information. Mention my name.

      Ask them specifically about how much they do to help you transition from multiple systems into a single Infusionsoft system. Ask them about help with a specific marketing plan for your company. And finally, ask them about how their Smart Automation Engine.

      Let me know what you think after the demo and personal consultation – I’m interested in your feedback.
      Good Luck.

  9. says

    thanks for a balanced review – that seem to be few and far between with so many affiliate marketers all over the place… so thanks for realistic pros and cons of InfusionSoft – I am concerned about the learning curve but I am encouraged that tech support seems to get rave reviews! :)

    thanks again! many kudos…

    • Michael Wilson says

      Thank you.

      Infusionsoft is full featured – which means that it takes a while to be capable of implementing all the things it can do for your business. The company does an exceptional job with customer service – that’s probably one of the reasons they are growing so fast.

      They also build in a very good transition program – so every customer gets extra help during start-up. That is an upsell for a lot of companies – you get started, find out the system is complex, and then pay extra for transition help. Not so with Infusionsoft.

      I always recommend that people get familiar with Infusionsoft – their philosophy as well as their products – by downloading some of their free ebooks and white papers.
      “The Edge of Success” and “The Internet Marketing Guide” are two of the most popular.

      These two are good whether you are in the market for a CRM like Infusionsoft or not.

  10. says

    I think Infusionsoft provide great tools for marketing online…except I have have a couple of newbies fall victim to the learning curve. All in all they provide great products. Nice review.

    • Michael Wilson says

      There is a learning curve, especially if you have never used any CRM software before.
      I talk about that in my Infusionsoft Review post a bit. However, if you have a customer list already, you’ll be able to serve your customers better with software like Infusionsoft than just about anything else.

      Thanks for the comment.

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